9. juni 2008

The passing of Terdag Lingpa

Terchen Rigzin Gyurme Dorje aka Chögyal Orgyen Terdag Lingpa.

At the age of 69, he started showing signs of ill health and began leaving instructions to his sons and daughters and his students.

On the morning of 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month (Saturday 17th March 1714) Chögyal Rigdzin Terdag Lingpa got up saying: "I must now take seven steps to the East". He then took seven steps in the eastern direction and sat down in a meditation posture and said:

Appearances, sounds and awareness
Are deities, mantras and the sphere of dharmakaya
Spreading forth infinitely as the display of kayas and primordial wisdom.
Within the practice of the profound and secret great yoga.
May they be indivisible and of one taste in the essence of mind."

Then, gazing around at all those who surrounded him, Rigdzin Terdag Lingpa said, "I see that the dakinis have arrived to greet me", and gazing skywards entered into parinirvana. The following days were filled with amazing peace and wonderful signs that were witnessed by all throughout the region.

From "The History of Mindrolling: Part II" at lotusgardens.org

Nangdrag rigsum lha ngag chökui ngang
Kudang yeshe rolpar jamley pa
Zabsang naljor chenpoi nyamlen la
Yermey tugkyi tigler rochig shog

Here is a poetic rendering to be used for chanting in English:

Sights, sounds, knowing—
deva, mantra, dharmakaya—

Play of kayas, wisdoms,
boundlessly unfold.

In this deep and secret
practice of great yoga,

Be they of one taste,
nondual sphere of mind.

Final Words of Terdag Lingpa

Tara Trinley Wangmo: music & vocals. Erik Pema Kunsang: English text for chant.