31. december 2014

Longevity Chant for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

Concise longevity song for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
composed by Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche

Om svasti
Ocean conquerers, Triple Jewels and the Triple Roots,
Bless the great Dharma Sun for the Kagyu and the Nyingma lines,
May your threefold secrets be forever firm,
To fulfill every wish for the teachings and the beings' well.

Extensive longevity song for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
composed by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

Om svasti
Timeless wakefulness of changeless greatest ease,
Fully manifest graceful form of deathless vajra youth,
Noble Tara, let your wishfulfilling wheel,
Shower here constantly vast and splendid immortality.

Through lord Lokeshvara, the glorious Karmapa's
Wondrous wishing-force, like a forest stream of stable mind,
Mighty wishgranting tree, beautifying others' aims,
Matchless buddha son, may your life-force be forever firm.

Lotus ponds of insights and words in sutras and tantras
Blossom through the light of your teachings and accomplishments.
Secret and sublime, Dharma Sun of true intent,
Slaying darkness of wrong views, may your life-force be forever firm.

Your stream of deeds leads to freedom everyone you meet.
Never it ends, touching each and every land on Earth.
For all beings and all teachings, without partiality,
Our sublime guardian, may your life-force be forever firm.

Noble guide, may you live for hundred sets of cosmic time,
Sounding Dharma tones of true intent to fill the world,
Like the fruits in autumn, let the Practice Lineage bloom,
So the good Golden Age blossoms with auspiciousness.

Re-translated to be sung with an original tune for longevity by Erik Pema Kunsang, Amber Palace, 2014.

The video can also be found on vajrasound.com/

29. december 2014

Bardo Song of Reminding Oneself

Bardo Song of Reminding Oneself

from the Secret Dakini Training Mother Tantra
of the Great Perfection

Now that while the bardo of this lifetime is unfolding,
I will not be lazy since there is no time to waste.
Enter nondistraction’s path of hearing, thinking, training,
While it is just now I have the precious human form.
Since this free and favored form ought to have real meaning,
Emotion and samsara shall no longer hold the reign.

Now that while the bardo of the dreamstate is unfolding,
I will not sleep like a corpse, so careless, ignorant.
Knowing everything is self-display, with recognition,
Capture dreams, conjure, transform, train lucid wakefulness.
Instead of lying fast asleep like animals are sleeping,
I will use the Dharma just as in the waking state.

Now that while the meditation bardo is unfolding,
I will set aside every deluded wandering.
Free of clinging, settled within boundless nondistraction,
I’ll be stable in completion and development.
As I’m yielding projects to the single-minded training,
Delusion and unknowing shall no longer hold the reign.

Now that while the bardo of the death-state is unfolding,
I will cast away attachment, clinging to all things.
Enter undistractedly the state of lucid teachings,
Suspending as a vast expanse this nonarising mind.
Leaving this material form, my mortal human body,
I will see it as illusion and impermanent.

Now that while the bardo of dharmata is unfolding,
I will hold no fear or dread or panic for it all.
Recognizing everything to be the bardo’s nature,
Now the time has come for mastering the vital point.
Colors, sounds and rays shine forth, self-radiance of knowing,
May I never fear the peaceful-wrathful self-display.

Now that while the bardo of becoming is unfolding,
I will keep the lasting goal one-pointedly in mind.
Reconnecting firmly with the flow of noble action,
I will shut the womb-doors and remember to turn back.
Since this is the time for fortitude and pure perception,
I will shun wrong views and train the guru’s union-form.

If I keep this senseless mind that never thinks of dying,
And continue striving for the pointless aims of life,
Won’t I be deluded when I leave here empty handed?
Since I know the sacred Dharma is just what I need,
Shouldn’t I be living by the Dharma right this moment,
Giving up activities that are just for this life?

These are the instructions which the gracious guru told me.
If I do not keep the guru’s teachings in my heart,
How can this be other than myself fooling myself?

Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang with music by Tara Trinley Wangmo, Amber Palace, 2014.
Performed by Sascha Alexandra Sellberg & Rodrigo Reijers.

For guitar:
Am                     F                     G             F    
Now that while the bardo of this lifetime is unfolding,
Am              F                          G             Am
I will not be lazy since there is no time to waste.
Am                     F                     G                    F   
Enter nondistraction’s path of hearing, thinking, training,
Am                     F                       G                Am
While it is just now I have the precious human form.
Dm                           Am               G                        Am
Since this free and favored form ought to have real meaning,
Dm                   Am                    G               Am
Emotion and samsara shall no longer hold the reign.

23. november 2014

Awakening at Dawn from the Sleep of Ignorance

Awakening at Dawn from the Sleep of Ignorance

Lotus Guru, hosts of dakas and dakinis,
All are dancing,
Voicing mantra tunes and songs in the symbolic language,
Minds in the awakened state, the essence of the natural knowing,
Turned towards me,
With the sounds of bells and hand drums,
They appear in awesome splendor,
Right before me in the sky.

Lord Guru, hosts of dakinis,
Look on me with your kind, loving eyes.
Right now the beings of the three realms
In mindlessness they all are asleep.

Awake, they roam in their blinded states.
Your yogi child who sees self-knowing mind
Shall lead to the celestial realms
All mother beings of the six types.

So father, I will go where you are,
And not leave thought, word and deed indolent.
To be sure I will hear, think and train;
Four sessions shall be cores in my life.

While here in this delightful retreat,
I will reach others’ aim and my own.
Please guru, hosts of dakinis,
Be kind, inspire my triple doors.

Then, expel the stale breath three times.

2. oktober 2014

Prosperity flows from a generous attitude - A tantric invocation chant performed by Sascha & Rodrigo

Granting every gift most eminent, giver of accomplishments,
Embodiments of the triple roots, wishfulfilling precious gems,
Guru Padma, master known as the Lotus-Born,
And all Dzambhala lords of the fourfold families,

Lords of wealth, and yakshas, the protectors of this world,
Millions of you, in a number that defies the reach of thought.
To you the whole assembly, deities of the mandala,
We bow in veneration, offer praise, and make this prayer:

Grant your inspiration, clear away all hindrances.
Please bestow accomplishments and increase prosperity.
While remaining present here, please fulfill activites.
In samsara and nirvana whatever is most excellent,

Goodness in our world, richness for all beings,
From the gods and humans, nagas and the yakshas too,
Foods and wealth and jewels, cloudbanks of all pleasing things,
Bright and steadfast horses, Animals for milk and wool,

Harvests of all grains and herbs, plants for every medicine,
Longer lifespans, perfect health, splendor and auspiciousness,
Family, Dharma lineage-holders, everything we may desire;
To sum up, in samsara and nirvana all exquisite, wonderful.

Without the slightest effort, bring it under our command.
Increase it like a swelling river, never-ending, limitless.
Let whatever we may wish for be fulfilled abundantly.
Let there be auspicious goodness, happiness for everyone!

Om ah hung vajra guru padma sambhava sarva siddhi hung
Om hung tram hrih ah dzambhala dzalendraye soha
Sarva yaksha basupati lokapala tsitta hring hring dzah sarva basu siddhi du du puting kuru soha

This sacred chant was revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa.

Performed by Sascha & Rodrigo. Music by Tara Trinley Wangmo. Translated from Tibetan by Erik Pema Kunsang.

24. juli 2014

Transmission of Blessings from the Mind Section of the Great Perfection

Link to a chantable folk song version from collection Treasury of Songs from the Nyingma Lineage.

Transmission of Blessings from the Mind Section of the Great Perfection.

When Samantabhadra spoke
from dharmadhatu’s space,

Vajrasattva heard it
from the spacious vast.

When Vajrasattva spoke
from the spacious vast,

Prahevajra heard it
from Mount Meru’s peak.

Click here to see the whole text.

8. juli 2014

Prayer to Chokgyur Lingpa by Rigdzin Chogyal Dorje


Nubchok dechen zhing na — Chöku nangwa taye
Yermey chokgyur lingpa — Dechen dorje khye khyenno

The rest is here.

17. juni 2014

The Gomde Song

Photo: Iwan.

Meeting place of earth and sky, remote and beautiful,

A training ground for buddhas of the future.

Compassion and true insight, like overflowing lakes,

May thousand rainbows swirl across your skies.

C Em Am G

Erik Pema Kunsang & Tara Trinley Wangmo, 2006. 

15. maj 2014

Twenty-one verses of homage to Tara


Homage to Tara, the noble and sublime.

Homage to TARA, the swift and courageous,

You drive away all our fears with TUTARA,

Savioress fulfilling all aims with the TURE,

With syllables SOHA we offer you homage.

Homage to Tara, the swift and courageous,

Gaze is as quick as flashes of lightning,

From Lord of Triloka, his face like a lotus,

You rose on a billionfold blossoming stamens.

Homage to you with a face that resembles

A meeting of one hundred full moons in autumn,

And who with the brightness of stars by the thousands

Shine in a vast perfect light of resplendence.

Homage to you, the golden-hued lady,

Whose hand is adorned by a blue lotus flower.

Your scope of activity is giving, exertion,

Fortitude, peace, tolerance, meditation.

Homage to you, the victorious, boundless,

From the tathagatas' crown emanated.

Those who obtained every transcendent virtue,

Offspring of victors, rely on your guidance.

Homage to you filling Realms of Desire,

Its aspect and space with the HUNG and TUTTARA.

Sevenfold worlds under feet you can trample;

You bring all and everything under your power.

Homage to you who is worshipped by Indra,

Agni, Marut, Vishveshvara and Brahma.

All the vetalas, bhutas, gandharvas,

As well as the yakshas, give praise in your presence.

Homage to you, who by TRAT and the PHAT sounds,

Crush every magical wheel, evil forces.

Right leg extended and left bent, you trample,

Within whirling flames you are blazing intensely.

Homage to you, the swift, terrifying,

Who conquers the most tenacious of maras.

Knitting the brow on your lotus-like features,

You slay every foe without an exception.

Homage to you, with your fingers in mudra

Adorning your heart to show the Three Jewels.

Your masses of light are beautiful, swirling,

Connecting with every direction, in circles.

Homage to you, from your crown manifesting

Joyous, majestic, brilliant garlands.

With the great clangor of laughter TUTARE,

Demons and worlds are in your domination.

Homage to you with the magnetize-powers,

Who gather protectors of earth in assembly.

With syllable HUNG and your brow which is frowning,

You liberate every poor, destitute being.

Homage to you, with the crescent, a moon-crown,

While your adornments so brilliantly sparkle,

And Amitabha is placed in your topknot,

Ceaselessly, vast rays of light radiating.

Homage to you, seated in flaming garlands,

Engulfed in a fire like the end of the kalpa.

Right leg extended and left bent, defeating

Enemy hordes with your joy-bringing, swirling.

Homage to you, with your palms you are striking

The earth while using your feet to be stamping.

Regally frowning, with the hung letter,

You shatter the sevenfold layers of lokas.

Homage to you, blissful, virtuous and peaceful,

Enjoy the domain of the tranquil nirvana.

Fully possessing the om and the soha,

You overcome even the greatest of evils.

Homage to you, who encircled by joyous,

Utterly smashes the forms of opponents.

Clearing away with the HUNG of awareness,

Arranged is the mantra by tenfold of letters.

Homage to you, with feet stamping TURE,

Fully presenting the form of the HUNG-seed,

You cause the three worlds to all be atremble,

Including Mount Meru, Mandhara and Vindhya.

Homage to you in whose hands is a deer-marked,

Shaped like the devas' ocean of nectar.

Sound of the PHAT and the twice uttered TARA,

Without an exception, dispels every poison.

Homage to you, who is asked for your guidance

By rulers of devas, by gods and kinnaras.

Your armor of joy, a radiant brightness,

Removes every nightmare and calms every quarrel.

Homage to you, whose two eyes are shining,

With brilliant light like the sun and the full moon.

By TUTTARA and with the twice chanted HARA,

You clear away even infectious diseases.

Homage to you who can calm down completely,

Through the array of the threefold thatness.

Crowds of vetalas, bhutas, and yakshas

Suppressed with the TURE, sublime mother Tara.

Together with this, the root mantra in praise form,

These were the twenty-one verses of homage.

Rangjung Yeshe Gomdé, Denmark, at the Tara retreat in 2009, translated by Erik Pema Kunsang.

Here is an excellent explanation on the 21 Verses.

24. april 2014

A Chariot for Knowledge-Holders, by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

Guru Liberates-by-Sight

Om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung

Vast and indestructible
sphere of wakefulness
Joined with basic knowing’s
open space,
Vivid to the eyes, as splendid
rainbows, it appears,
Realm of natural magic,
Lotus Light.

Rainbow rays in vast expanse,
the nature manifest,
In boundless mansions,
visions on increase,
Dakas and dakinis,
the perfected knowing’s state,
Sings and dance as vajra chains
transcending thoughts.

In the center, buddha Boundless Light,
Treasure of compassion,
And immortal Tötreng Tsal,
three kayas within one,
With sublime eight forms
to tame all needs.

In this meeting ground, a network
vast and magical,
Play of forms and aspects
beyond count,
May I and every being, infinite,
pervading space,
Take rebirth as soon
this life is gone.

May we through the knowledge-holders’
fourfold secret path
Quickly reach the Lotus
Guru’s level,
Ocean of the kayas and the wisdoms,
without bound,
Where others’ and my aims
     are self-fulfilled.

Translated for chanting in English, by Erik Pema Kunsang.

17. april 2014

Shantideva’s Bodhichitta Prayer


May the precious and sublime awakened mind

Arise in those where it has not arisen.

Where it has arisen may it never wane,

But continue to increase forever more.

Once Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche said: "These four lines are the key to Shantideva's Way of the Bodhisattva.

16. april 2014

Praise of Yeshe Tsogyal


Dharmadhatu consort, the resplendent, beyond change,

Enjoying wealth of greatest ease, five families sublime,

Manifold capacity, dancing magical displays,

Queen of all dakinis, we bow and offer praise!

Your body, set ablaze in perfect marks and signs,

A nature that transcends all types of change,

You are the soveriegn of every mandala,

We praise your form so vivid manifest.

Perfect mantras of your voice, melodious,

Spin like wheels, eternal, unobstructed,

Inspiring the disciples’ minds to excellence,

I praise your ceaseless sounds pervading space.

Undeluded wisdoms of the fivefold types,

Thoughtfree, basic space of lucid knowing,

Moved by aspirations of the deepest love,

We praise your mind that knows the nature and all things.

Boundless are your actions, beyond bias,

Not untimely—unimpeded, unattached,

That pacify, enrich, and magnetize or subjugate,

We praise your effortless fulfilling beings’ needs.

Yeshe Tsogyal, may your sadhana of thatness,

Deepen knowledge to untie the knots of self.

Through this training, that our minds are emptiness,

May we gain the insight which to nothing clings.

The first five verses are from Padmasambhava’s terma text and the last was written by Chokgyur Lingpa. Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang in Gokarna, one of the sacred dakini places in India.

6. april 2014

Calling the Guru from Afar by Jamgon Kongtrul

Namo Guruve. This style of supplication called Calling the Guru from Afar is known by everyone. Nevertheless, the key point for invoking the guru’s blessings is devotion inspired by disenchantment and renunciation, not as mere platitude but from the core of your heart, from the very marrow of your bones. Chant the song melodiously with the confidence of having resolved that your own guru is none other than the Awakened One.

Guru, hear us. Guru, hear us.
Please, root guru, kindly hear us.

Essence of the buddhas in the triple times,
Sacred Dharma’s source of statements and insight,
Supreme among all groups, the noble sangha,
Please, root guru, would you hear us.

Greatest treasure of the kindest blessings,
Wellsprings of the two accomplishments,
Activity that fulfills the aims of everyone,
Please, root guru, would you hear us.

Guru Buddha Amitabha, please hear us.
Look here from dharmakaya’s sphere beyond concepts.
Lead us with bad karma, who roam in samsara,
To Sukhavati’s realm of pure perfection.

Guru Avalokiteshvara, please hear us.
Look from sambhogakaya’s realm, lucid knowing.
Calm from their root the pains of the six beings,
Churn from their depths the three realms of samsara.

Guru Padmasambhava, please hear us.
Look here from Chamara’s Lotus Light palace,
On us who are helpless, your Dark Age disciples,
Please rescue us right now with your compassion.

Guru Yeshe Tsogyal, please hear us.
Look from your realm, the divine Mahasukha.
Save us, the wretched, from samsara’s ocean,
To the great citadel of liberation.

Kahma and Terma lineage masters, please hear us.
Look from the realm of the unified wisdom.
Break down the dark house of our mind’s delusion
With the sunrise of the true realization.

All-knowing Drimey Özer, please hear us.
Look from your fivefold light-sphere of self-presence.
Fulfill insight’s great strength, pure and primordial.
And let us reach to the end of four visions.

Peerless Atisha and heart-sons, please hear us.
Look from Tushita’s one hundred devas.
Help to make dawn in our minds, bodhichitta,
Emptiness filled with the heart of compassion.

Marpa, Mila, Gampopa, please hear us.
Look from the vajra realms of Mahasukha.
Help in our heart dharmakaya to waken,
Great Seal’s bliss-void, the sublime of all siddhis.

Karmapa, lord of all worlds, please hear us.
Look from the sphere where you tame endless beings.
Help to see all things as unreal illusions
And to accept the perceiver’s three kayas.

Kagyus, four great and eight small, please hear us.
Look from your personal knowing, the pure realms.
Help to make vanish the four states of blindness
So practice-moods and the insights are perfected.

Five forefathers of the Sakyapas, please hear us.
Gaze from samsara-nirvana in union.
Combining the true view, with training and conduct,
Lead us onto the true path of all secrets.

Shangpa Kagyu masters, the matchless, please hear us.
Look from your buddha-realm, pure and primordial.
Help us train truly in means and in freedom
And to achieve unity beyond learning.

Tangtong Gyalpo, great siddha, please hear us.
Gaze from your effortless sphere of compassion.
Help reach the training, insight in illusion
So that we master the winds and the thought-flow.

Padampa Sangye, only father, please hear us.
Look from the realm of sublime, perfect action.
Suffuse our hearts with the lineage of blessings
To see beyond limits auspicious connections.

Machik Labdron, only mother, please hear us.
Gaze from the sphere of the transcendent knowledge.
Help cut at the root proud beliefs in an ego
To see beyond ego the absence of concepts.

Dolpo Sangye, all-knowing, please hear us.
Look from the realm, the supreme of all aspects.
Help us to cease shifting winds in the dhuti
And gain vajrakaya beyond all transition.

Taranatha, most noble, please hear us.
Gaze from the sphere of the triple companions.
Lead us unhindered through vajra path’s secrets,
And help us gain the divine rainbow body.

Chokgyur Lingpa, great tertön, please hear us.
Look from dharmakaya’s expanse, all-pervading.
Help dual thoughts melt away, beyond rising,
And to attain our seat of self-knowing.

Orgyen Dechen Lingpa, please hear us.
Gaze from sambhogakaya’s realm, natural knowing.
Let us make real the five kaya’s self-presence,
The vastness transcending objects and attainments.

Shikpo Lingpa, all-pervasive, please hear us.
Look from compassionate states taming beings.
Please help us find the mind-gem within us
So that fruition matures in the basis.

Padma Nyugu, bodhisattva, please hear us.
Gaze from your magical net of illusions.
Let us be one with you, lord of four kayas,
Most sublime wakefulness of all the buddhas.

Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, please hear us.
Look from your sphere, the two knowing wisdoms.
Clear up our mind’s darkness of unknowing.
Help us to spread the light of great knowledge.

Ösel Trulpey Dorje, please hear us.
Gaze from your realm of five-colored rainbows.
Help rinse the stains of thoughts, winds and bindus,
And to awaken the youthful vase body.

Padma Do-ngak Lingpa, please hear us.
Look from your sphere, empty bliss beyond changing.
Help us be able to fulfill completely
All conquerors’ and their offsprings’ intentions.

Ngawang Yonten Gyamtso, please hear us.
Gaze from the space and wisdom united.
Help so belief in real things is dismantled
And we can use all events as the training.

Lodrö Taye, son of buddhas, please hear us.
Look from your realm of compassionate kindness.
Help us accept everyone as kind parents
So we can help every being sincerely.

Padma Gargyi Wangchuk, please hear us.
Gaze from your lucid sphere of mahasukha.
Help us in wakefulness to melt the five poisons
And to cut loss and gain’s twofold attachment.

Tennyi Yungdrung Lingpa, please hear us.
Look from samsara and nirvana in sameness.
Help us feel an authentic devotion,
The vast, simultaneous insight and freedom.

Child of the siddhas, Karma Urgyen, please hear us.
Gaze from your wakeful space, empty knowing.
Transmit the mind-lineage to your destined disciples,
Help us retake our kingdom, realization.

Kindest root guru, the gracious, please hear us.
Look from the crown of our head’s blissful mansion.
Help us to face dharmakaya’s self-knowing
And to reach buddhahood within this lifetime.

Sentient beings like ourselves with heavy dreadful karma
Drift since time without beginning through samsara’s realms.
While we still will have to go through torment that is endless,
Not a moment’s real remorse has ever filled our hearts.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to let the wish for freedom grow within.

This precious life is found, but our time completely wasted,
Meaningless pursuits always diverting our lives.
Laziness abducting the most meaningful, our freedom,
We leave empty-handed from this land of precious gems.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to make this life be truly meaningful.

Everyone upon this earth will die, without exception.
People pass away right now, like standing in a line.
Since we also have to die, and this can happen shortly,
It is surely foolish to make plans for many years.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to not waste time but keep to shorter plans.

Loving spouse and friends continue, each their separate journeys.
Others will enjoy the wealth we piled up stingily.
Also left behind will be this fondly treasured body,
While our mind will roam the bardo with no place or aim.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us so we can see: for these we have no need.

Confronted with a terrifying darkness right before us,
Chased at our rear by karma’s cruel, ferocious storm,
Lord of Death’s repulsive thugs will batter us and force us
To endure the painful rebirths in the wretched states.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to flee the abyss of the lower realms.

Though our faults are mountains we maintain them veiled from others.
Though another’s fault is slight we tell it far and wide.
Without the least of virtues we pretend to be outstanding.
While using dharma names we act exactly contrary.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to pacify conceited selfishness.

The self-belief, our nemesis, we keep concealed within us.
All our thoughts cause nothing but emotions to increase.
All our deeds will only bear a fruit that is unwholesome,
Not a single step forward on liberation’s path.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to cut self-clinging from its very root.

The slightest praise or blame can cause us so much joy or sorrow.
A single hurtful word destroys our shield of tolerance.
When we see a destitute we feel no wish to help him,
Every chance for charity held back by stinginess.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to bring the truest Dharma to our hearts.

Samsara is just pointless but we think it has some purpose.
Just for food and clothing we discard the lasting good.
Having all we need we are consumed by further craving,
Letting magical illusions mislead our minds.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to shed the interest living on like this.

Bearing not the slightest pain, not physical or mental,
While our stone-hearts feel no fear of taking dreadful births.
Though we see directly: what you sow is what you’re reaping.
Rather than the wholesome it is harm we carry on.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to feel conviction in causation’s law.

Hating enemies we love our family and friendships.
Delusion’s gloomy clouds obscure what’s right and what is wrong.
Training in the Dharma’s ways we’re drowsy, dim or sleepy,
During mundane deeds our senses are both sharp and clear.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us: slay selfish feelings, the true enemy.

Looking from outside we seem the truest Dharma people,
While inside the Dharma has not even touched our hearts.
Just like lethal snakes, emotions are concealed within us,
The practitioner’s faults are all laid bare when put to test.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to try to soften up our rigid hearts.

While we fail to notice even our greatest defects,
We play Dharma people, doing every type of wrong.
Selfish deeds and feelings have become our ingrown habits.
Every time a good thought moves, each time it comes to naught.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to recognize the faults that are our own.

Every day that passes brings our passing that much closer.
Every day that passes our hearts have grown more cold.
Trust in our teachers have now steadily diminished.
Love and true respect for Dharma friends have dropped away.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to tame this savageness within our hearts.

While we chant the refuge, prayers, and form the bodhichitta,
Devotion and compassion are not felt in our hearts.
These activities of Dharma are no more than chanting.
We go through the motions while our hearts remain untouched.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us so Dharma penetrates our every deed.

Misery, it’s said, is caused by wanting selfish pleasure.
Buddhahood is found from wanting every others’ well.
Forming bodhichitta but in secret we stay selfish.
While not helping others, we will bring them only harm.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us that we can put ourselves in others’ place.

Though a buddha in the flesh, we think he’s just a person.
The guru’s gift of kind advice we often don’t recall.
When not getting our way we lose every conviction.
His noble thoughts and deeds get veiled by doubting and distrust.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us so that true devotion may not fade but grow.

Our minds are buddhas, but we do not recognize this.
Though our thoughts are dharmakaya, we don’t realize.
Uncontrived the natural way, but we fail to maintain it.
Naturalness the basic state, but we lack certainty.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to free our natural knowing in itself.

Though our death will clearly come, we lack the guts to face it.
Though the Dharma surely helps, we lack sincerity.
Though the law of karma works, we fail to choose in earnest.
Heedfulness is needed, but forgotten every time.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to keep an undistracted mindfulness.

Born of nasty karma here in Kaliyuga’s ending,
All we’ve done till now results in further painful states.
Veiled by negative companionship like blurring cloudbanks,
Spiritual activities are robbed by pointless talk.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to practice Dharma with more fortitude.

First we thought of nothing but a life with dharmic meaning,
But results are rebirths in samsara’s painful realms.
Fruits of freedom are now wrecked by frost of harmful actions,
The goal of lasting value has been savagely destroyed.
Guru, would you hear us, help us right now with your kindness.
Inspire us to practice Dharma until it’s complete.

Inspire us to disenchantment from our deepest being.
Inspire us to not waste time but keep to shorter plans.
Inspire us to think sincerely we are merely mortals.
Inspire us to feel deep trust in actions’ consequence.

Inspire us so our path is never blocked by hindrance.
Inspire us to practice with a joyous constancy.
Inspire us to see all pain as part of our journey.
Inspire us to use the remedies with steadfastness.

Inspire us to feel devotion that is true, authentic.
Inspire us to recognize our being’s natural state.
Inspire us so natural knowing wakens deep within us.
Inspire us to cut confusion at its very root.
Inspire us so in this life we reach enlightenment.

We call on you, precious guru.
With longing we cry, gracious Dharma Lord.
Have pity for us, we have no hope but you.
Bless us to see our minds are never two.

Although several devoted practitioners have encouraged me to write something like this for a long time, I neglected to do so. Recently, at the request of both Samdrub Drönma, a noble female practioner, and Deva Rakshita, this was written by Lodrö Thaye, someome who merely maintains the image of a dark age lama, at the great practice center Dzongshö Deshek Düpa. May virtuous goodness increase!

Since this edition is mainly published for disciples of Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and his sons, the verse supplicating him has been inserted within the text. Included are also four verses calling on Chokgyur Lingpa written by the 15th Katmapa.
This edition is made for chanting in English. Translated to fulfill the wishes of our lords of refuge Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, by Erik Pema Kunsang. Finalized in October 2013. Tune composed by Tara Trinley Wangmo. Performed by Sascha Alexandra Sellberg and Rodrigo Reijers
May Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s and his sons’ wishes be fulfilled.