16. april 2014

Praise of Yeshe Tsogyal


Dharmadhatu consort, the resplendent, beyond change,

Enjoying wealth of greatest ease, five families sublime,

Manifold capacity, dancing magical displays,

Queen of all dakinis, we bow and offer praise!

Your body, set ablaze in perfect marks and signs,

A nature that transcends all types of change,

You are the soveriegn of every mandala,

We praise your form so vivid manifest.

Perfect mantras of your voice, melodious,

Spin like wheels, eternal, unobstructed,

Inspiring the disciples’ minds to excellence,

I praise your ceaseless sounds pervading space.

Undeluded wisdoms of the fivefold types,

Thoughtfree, basic space of lucid knowing,

Moved by aspirations of the deepest love,

We praise your mind that knows the nature and all things.

Boundless are your actions, beyond bias,

Not untimely—unimpeded, unattached,

That pacify, enrich, and magnetize or subjugate,

We praise your effortless fulfilling beings’ needs.

Yeshe Tsogyal, may your sadhana of thatness,

Deepen knowledge to untie the knots of self.

Through this training, that our minds are emptiness,

May we gain the insight which to nothing clings.

The first five verses are from Padmasambhava’s terma text and the last was written by Chokgyur Lingpa. Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang in Gokarna, one of the sacred dakini places in India.